Introduction to my Blog

This blog expresses my approach as a Nietzschean Psychotherapist. I write using a semi-fictional creative writing style as I find it is more engaging than the more conventional case study. Also case studies present as though there are a set of facts leading to a verifiable conclusion and so they are not the best genre for a Nietzschean.

I prefer to present truths as butterflies; light and fleeting, a sudden change of direction, occasionally one lands here or there, or it might pass you by completely, and when it has flown away all that is left is the impression of having seen a butterfly.

Fiction is history that might have happened. History is fiction that did happen.

Andre Gide

Latest from my Blog

I practice as a Nietzschean Psychotherapist seeing people online or in person in Cambridge and in Angel Islington, London. I work with individuals, couples and in groups. I offer executive and leadership coaching to people in business, science and tech, law, the arts, academia and from voluntary and religious organisations. I’m also a clinical supervisor and trainer.