And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Introduction to my Blog

My writing is based on conversations I’ve had with myself and other people over the last twenty-plus years whilst becoming and unbecoming a Nietzschean Psychotherapist.

I present ‘truths’ as butterflies; light and fleeting, a sudden change of direction, occasionally one lands, and often not in the same place twice; or they might pass you by completely. Once they fly off, all that is left is the impression of having seen a butterfly.

Fiction is history that might have happened. History is fiction that did happen.

Andre Gide

Latest from my Blog

‘Conflict resolution? No thanks, I prefer peace…’

When peace broke out on Christmas Eve in 1914 on the Western Front, it had nothing to do with conflict resolution. Soldiers exchanged gifts with the enemy, sang carols and played football together in no man’s land. How such peace can come about and its relationship to conflict is the subject of this blog. ‘Break…

A spiritual battle with a dragon

This blog is about an encounter I had some years ago with a dragon on the morning train from Cambridge to London. It recently came to mind while reading The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Dr Kevin Dutton. A few years after this encounter the dragon would find himself at The Old Bailey accused of a…

Why I am the best therapist

Dear reader, I’m aware your first thought upon reading the title is probably not whether I am the best therapist, more likely you are wondering why I made the statement. You might also wonder who would see a therapist that would make such a statement, me too. The usual interpretations for making such a statement…

I practice as a Nietzschean Psychotherapist and am fully accredited as a psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. I see people online or in person in Cambridge and in Angel Islington, London. I work with individuals, couples and in groups. I offer executive and leadership coaching to people in business, science and tech, law, the arts, academia and from voluntary and religious organisations. I’m also a clinical supervisor and trainer.